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12 Months Data Analysis in Graphical Charts

We take a period of 12 months, 8 months prior to current month and 4 months later to the current month. The data is drawn based on the Due dates fixed in these months. It basically tells us the stock of our sales funnel, which needs attention for closure. We use graphical charts to analyze Data Structures, understand and perform analysis of Graphical Charts in Excel and use statistical computing to analyze the use of Data.

Dashboards containing Deals in Graphical Charts

This graph gives an idea about the deals that needs to be worked on or closed as they stack up over the months.

Over a period of 12 months, this graph shows the product that has won most of the deals, in short it tells us the most valuable products for us by sales value.

high performance product
Most promising products

We show here the most promising products by deal value over a period of 12 months, which needs an immediate attention, it helps us prioritize the products that needs to be focused on more.

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  1. sneh shah

    Graphical represatation of the numeriacal data is best way to see progress in the business and also to get better idea of the mistakes.

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