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AI tools are killing conventional Dashboards

AI Revolution :

AI is revolutionizing and influencing today’s technology. The world is transforming from simple dashboards to data-driven tools. Set of questions changed from “What” to “Why”. Business information traveling to “Push” from “Pull”. Human intelligence comparing with machine intelligence always a question of debate!

“What” to “Why”: Dashboards narrate all answers related to “what” is happening around. In fact, decision-makers are keen on knowing “why” it happened. But people use the same conventional dashboard to try and fail to figure out “why”.  In the end, they give up and use human intuitions!

“Push” from “Pull”: Businesses with technically informed, agile and innovative methods can gain competitive advantage, by leveraging AI/ML, it can create a strategical influence ecosystem from pull to push. Pushing meaningful business information traveling to the right person at the right moment is more important and actionable compare with waiting and pulling it from dashboards. The power of machine learning, by learning customer, employee behavior, learning several business patterns, and triggering data in real-time with recommendations, helps decision-makers with a remedy to unforeseen problems ahead of time.

Power of AI: Less important dashboards are transforming into more insightful machine monitored alert systems. Solutions based on AI/ML proactive in nature make information more reliable and important. Dashboards have done a huge amount for data empowerment. However, with the power of AI, companies can use machine learning techniques to transform their data to solve critical problems.

“Landscape of data” plotted with, “AI-powered predictors” and “actionable intelligence” can gain strategic advantage over competitors. Powered analytics can enhance overall business performance. The software can derive human behavior through predictive models by learning through several machine patterns.

Bsuite CRM has an inbuilt algorithm to CREATE and PUSH data on the fly to decision-makers. Bsuite CRM powered with artificial intelligence works 24×7 as a companion to take vital decisions.


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A motivated and good presenter with an ability to deliver valuable insights through data analytics and data-driven methods. I am also able to find the patterns of business problems using data mining techniques and deliver suitable solutions.
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  1. It’s really good to learn and creativity , there responses are good one. Software can derive human behavior through predictive models by learning through several machine patterns. this things are very expressive. thank you to helpful.

  2. Mohil Bhatt

    AI is here to replace any-and-everything, this will also open different opportunities that we unexplored before

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