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BSUITE CRM helps supply-chain, retailers, FMCG companies to manage their entire inventory eco-system. It provides a single solution for managing every area of the retail business and offers a range of features that can be tailored to suit individual needs. With BSUITE, you can easily take control of all your business processes and stay on top of your competition. Software will help you to manage your business, increase profits, and optimize performance. Integrating seamlessly with your inventory system, BSUITE provides a simple way for you to reach your goals. We have the right solution for you.

Overview :


For any FMCG and retail market, with well established dealer/distribution networks, cheap operating costs, easy availability of goods and the presence across the entire value chain are key factors for sustainable business model.

Challenges and Solutions :


Any FMCG company seeks more engaged experiences across its brands for efficient and effective presence through sales and distribution. The company wanted to build out its capabilities to accelerate consumer-centric growth by optimizing  and creating deeper personalized engagement and enabling swift product innovation.

FMCG company,  wanted to grow, locally or internationally without any Geo fencing. The biggest challenge is the ‘order taking and delivery process’. Marketing and distribution is always a great challenge to achieve growth.

Automated order processing coming from channel or dealer network reduces overall time and increases performance and revenue of company. Seamless integration of entire data between channel, distributors, dealers and company, empowers  to transact the business smoothly.

We work on broadly 4 components :

  1. Integrate data on Web
  2. Convert data to meaningful information
  3. Enable analytics
  4. AI and ML for decision makers


Find your target.

Right from the start, show your customers how valuable products are by sending relevant messages, creating more opportunities to connect with your brand by offering right products to them.


Keep your customers engaged.

Deliver exactly what your customers need or want in the exact moment they need or want it. That’s the key to digitise customer preferences to build lasting, loyal, win-win customer relationships.


Create value, leverage technology

Analyse historical data, real-time data for better understanding of customer buying pattern and behaviour. Analyse data and create new opportunities for growth.

“Bsuite CRM is targeted for small to any large company. Learning user behaviour and pattern through machine learning and translating that to human readable format for decision making is USP. Bsuite strives to deliver it’s customers through continued innovation.”

Sapphire Infocom

Bsuite CRM :


  • Web interface and mobile app platforms integrates data including orders seamlessly
  • Enhanced last mile delivery through inbuilt tracking
  • 24 hours order taking and processing
  • Easy web based interface for order processing across the network
  • Centralised control for products and prices based on SKUs
  • Provide both its franchisees and corporate managers with live access of information
  • Increase the accuracy of its reporting, and inform more intelligent decision-making
  • Powerful dashboard and forecasting for decision makers
  • Team can easily log issues with suppliers and respond on centralised portal
  • 30% increase in productivity
  • Integration with Google API’s like Geo coding and Geo address helps decision makers to view last mile availability of goods.
  • Enriched with Geo information and profile using a variety of demographic, lifestyle information learns customer behaviours in certain regions.
  • Helps identifying target audience behaviours through machine learning patterns

Auto tracker for slow moving, excess inventory stacking

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Visionary CEO and entrepreneur with degree in Computer Engineering having more than 25 years of real industry experience.
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    Machine learning has a wide range of applications and CRM has used it to identify target audience behaviours patterns

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