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Bsuite Dashboard / Analytics


Stunning dashboards, calendars, Pie Charts, Bar Charts extends rich analysis to decision makers. Real time data shall help decision makers to navigate organization more effectively.

Its easy to view sales funnel, deals in progress, employee performance, status of business on single page and in graphical charts.

Bsuite CRM helps to generate extensive reports from the data. The users of  CRM have the advantage of exporting reports in CSV and XLS format. The Reports can also be customized which are available in PDF format and are available depending on the formats and labels

With the help of Dashboards, various charts like Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams can be created which helps to provide analysis of the data and from the analysis, decisions can be easily made. Real time data helps the decision makers to navigate through the organization more effectively and efficiently.

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Visionary CEO and entrepreneur with degree in Computer Engineering having more than 25 years of real industry experience.
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  1. Suchita Modi

    Visual representation is useful for better understanding of analysis! Great interactive feature of Bsuite CRM.

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