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Email Campaign in CRM

Email Campaigning

Engage with potential business customers with just one click! Forget about sending emails using conventional mail merge with CSV or Excel files or web platforms. Simplify email communications and build stronger relationships with your contacts through Bsuite CRM Email Campaign feature.

With in-built Email Campaign feature: Design, schedule and shoot email campaigns of your choice to the audience in seconds!

Grow your business by acquiring potential customers through intuitive marketing. With Bsuite CRM, identify and segregate potential contacts and send them meaningful email content to build better customer engagement.

Save time and boost performance by complete marketing automation.

With Bsuite CRM’s Email Campaign feature:

  • Work smart, not hard!
  • Schedule your email campaigns and content for future dates, it works 24×7!
  • Get the tools big companies use, without the enterprise price tag!

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  1. Suchita Modi

    Time is the most precious thing in the world. Communicating with many clients is always a difficult and time consuming task but a feature like bsuite CRM’s email campaign is the solution to all our problems.

  2. Devarshi Patel

    This is a great feature of email campaign and useful in Customer Relations Management , it is very fast and useful.

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