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CRM for Engineering or Manufacturing business

CRM for Engineering or Manufacturing business

Choosing a write CRM is always been a challenge for any manufacturing industry. Every Industry is unique and has different challenges.

 Desired CRM Features :

  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships with clients
  • Setup your own business Work flow & Business Stages
  • Identify Product Team to support and generate value added business
  • Generating new Business through SMS or Email communications
  • Day to day capturing and generating leads and offer your customer best possible offers
  • Managing day to day staff activities with efficient Task Management
  • Schedule Periodic Internal Meetings, Reminders and activities to maintain Synergy in organization
  • Calendars, Dashboards, Event Reminders
  • Get more out of your established customers
  • Identify & Concentrate on Best & Loyal Customers for recurring business
  • Regular Follow-up reminders to generate potential customers to loyal customers
  • Integrate with Tally for Accounting
  • Maintain Corporate Customers track information
  • Intimate your internal sales team with POP up message for any promotional offers & company policy
  • Measure your sales team performance and accordingly appraisals
  • Incorporate Dealers Network & Channel Business through Portal
  • Customers can login and generate Service Request & Ticket
  • Maintenance and Customer Relationship support for post sales
  • Generate Quotations
  • Implement & map your work flow accordance to ISO standards
  • Build Teams like Sales, Support, Accounts, Store, Admins etc accordance to ISO standards
  • Generate calendar activity reminders for your staff for periodic service, support, accordance to SLAs executed with your customers
  • Seamless integrations between Clients, Leads, Dealers, Channel business & Service requests
  • Stay in touch with your Dealers, Clients, Contacts on occasions by enabling Automatic Greetings feature
  • Repository for HR Policy Documents, ISO formats and standard templates and manage them with Built in Document Management SystemBsuite CRM’s product named as Manufacturing Suite , provides business solutions for Manufacturing companies like Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic, Machinery , Tools and related companies, allowing them to leverage their business with Information Technology.

Business Suite CRM Overview :

Simple and easy deployable Web based software provides all the features to securely manage data and functionality to access the right information at the right time.

Entire solutions help in reducing capital and operational costs with higher performance utilization. Manage your IT infrastructure smartly and grow leveraging our solutions and improve your total cost of ownership.

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Visionary CEO and entrepreneur with degree in Computer Engineering having more than 25 years of real industry experience.
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  1. Devarshi Patel

    Software is all about generating business , to develop relationship and organise event and activities , overall it’s good with CRM to develop and manufacture website.

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