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ML Powered – Employee Performance

Employees deserve to know where they are succeeding and where they need help and improvement. Employee should be measured, however, against themselves and not against others.

Employee performance evaluation is considered on the basis of sales activities – productivity measured based on business revenue generated by winning deals in fastest time period. Consistency in winning deals and efficiency measured through activeness in CRM quantifies KRA. [ Key Result Area ]

Periodic performance reviews leads to performance achievement.

Our system captures key buttons or actions that are actively used which creates a pattern or behaviour of the user. We then feed this data to our Machine Learning algorithm which finds these patterns and suggests or recommends a way or set of actions, which, if performed, can reduce the overall time taken by the user to complete those actions. This saves time of users which enables them to do more work and increase their efficiency.

Bsuite CRM’s inbuilt machine learning algorithm quantifies human intelligence and efficiency.

So, you might be wondering what consists of KRA’s?

Employee performance

As depicted in the image above, we take the following parameters:

  1. The name of the user
  2. Average time taken to close a deal
  3. User’s activity
  4. Total deal value won
  5. Total deal value lost
  6. Last Login Date
  7. Days since last login

These parameters are indicators of the users performance, the admins or the management level authorities can use these to schedule meetings with employee who either outperforms, under performs, or they can set it according to their needs.

We have a beautiful blog that summarises the employee performance using stunning design. Please have a look!

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    In every company, the system needs this feature to develop their company by keeping track of the performance of the employees.

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