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AI powered Employee Performance

Innovative and creative Ideas to engage

Looking for innovative ideas to engage employees at work !

Bsuite CRM have many tools to keep it’s users stay active. Starting from reviewing prospect’s historical communication, preferences and interest in company product, cultivates overall sales skills.

Keeping a track of employee performance and productivity is quite important to achieve growth of any company.


“If employees know they will be disconnecting and going off the grid for an extended period of time, they might actually keep that in mind as they help build the company.

For example:

  • They might empower direct reports to make more decisions.
  • They might be less likely to create a special inputs
  • They might document their communication a bit better.
  • They might contribute to the Company to share knowledge.”

The activities of the user is presented as a hexagonal 360 degree summariser and is sent weekly to them, in order to get a better picture of their contribution to the company, and it is designed to facilitate accountability and motivation between the users using a wide range of parameters in order to maximize efficiency. At all times we constantly check on each action taken by users within the company whether they have acted successfully or not.

employee 360 degree activities
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