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email campaign
Email Campaigning Engage with potential business customers with just one click! Forget about sending emails using conventional mail merge with CSV or Excel files or web platforms. Simplify email communications and build stronger relationships with your contacts through Bsuite CRM Email Campaign feature. With in-built Email Campaign feature: Design, schedule and shoot email campaigns of...
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overdue leads
When this happens : It is expected that the sales representative is confident they have been working with a potential customer, who will follow through with entire sales cycle to win the leads. Many times due to un-availability at either ends or due to poor followups leads enter into over due cycle. How it is...
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Education Suite CRM
CRM solution for Education people like  Private Schools, Public Schools, Educational Institutes, Colleges and related educational entities, should allow them to leverage features with Information Technology. Desired CRM Features : Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Parents & Students Maintain Students track information and records including Health Records Seamless integrations between Teachers, Students & Parents Stay in...
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Engineering CRM
CRM for Engineering or Manufacturing business Choosing a write CRM is always been a challenge for any manufacturing industry. Every Industry is unique and has different challenges.  Desired CRM Features : Maintaining Healthy Relationships with clients Setup your own business Work flow & Business Stages Identify Product Team to support and generate value added business...
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CRM Synposis
                                                         CRM Synopsis : A guide before buying any CRM   Any CRM, should be  a Cloud-Based software that should provide the simplest and most effective way to...
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liquor store
Managing a liquor store is great challenge. Carrying large number of Inventory including beer, wine and spirits and manage them for stocking out. Keep track of all bottles, cans, and other products directly from your liquor store POS. Leveraging AI/ML algorithms for cutting-edge stock management tracks every item across every channel. Take 100 % control...
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recent activities
Last week appears quite eventful. User had created few contacts or had communicated with prospects. Listed contacts below were touched upon by team members.
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employee performance
Employees deserve to know where they are succeeding and where they need help and improvement. Employee should be measured, however, against themselves and not against others. Employee performance evaluation is considered on the basis of sales activities – productivity measured based on business revenue generated by winning deals in fastest time period. Consistency in winning deals...
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Important business leads
Bsuite’s inbuilt machine learning algorithm detected few important business leads exist to focus upon. Listed business leads appears sincere in nature. With little more efforts, these are easy to win
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Bsuite CRM

Business Suite  CRM – Bsuite CRM offers cloud based complete CRM solution for business size starting from small to large enterprise. Bsuite CRM has Contact, lead and followup management, powerful inbuilt calendar, schedulers, tasks, events, time sheet, dashboard, analytics and graphical charts for decision makers.

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