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Task and Document Management

banner electronic document management system

With the help of Bsuite Suite CRM, one can manage daily activities like managing accounts, sales on a common platform. There is a powerful feature to create new tasks and integrate tasks amongst team members.

Documents can be easily scanned and published in any format including .pdf, .doc, .xls, .csv, .jpg, .png, .psd and many more into an internal platform which allows other users to access them. Associates sitting at the remote locations can upload and download documents and maintain up-to-date track of the revised documents. Role based access to documents can be defined where a particular role can only access particular document. All the documents can be published into CRM where the documents remain safe of the cloud with publisher’s name, published date, and type of document with document group identity mentioned.

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  1. Dipang

    this CRM stand for sharing a document on one such platform to allow other users to access them which means document share publically that means a document that is shared is not a private document
    mean this CRM is only applying on group sharing files or task sharing files one too many.

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